The Mudeford Club

161 Stanpit, Christchurch Dorset. BH23 3LY
Telephone 01202 482928

Sports Activities


The Bingo Team Callers: Dee Attree,Roy Andrews, Mark Vassie, Sharon Morgan and Ricky Wood.

Just ask at the bar who the Bingo Team is on the night.

The fun starts at 8pm.

There are a two Flyers, the Early Bird (red) and Late Bird (blue) games, plus a book of games below:

£5.40 for a book of six (yellow, red, lilac, brown, pink and green sheets)

£2.40 for a book of four (yellow, red, lilac, brown, pink and green sheets)

£1.80 for a book of three (yellow, red, lilac, brown, pink and green sheets)

£0.60 for a single (yellow, red, lilac, brown, pink and green sheets)


The Mudeford Club has several darts teams competing in local leagues and competitions.

We have been quite successful winning several trophies in various competitions over the years.

We are always looking for new players. So if you have an interest in darts, enjoy the comrardry of a team and have a fun competitive spirit then come along to one of the darts nights and meet the teams.

The club hosts several beams in local leagues.

You can follow the Monday night league here

You can follow the Wednesday night league here


The football club has been in existence for over 35 years, although not always playing under the name of the Men's Club (started as Plumbers Arms, The Nelson and Toby's). Whether involved in Saturday or Sunday football, the team has enjoyed a great deal of success, always competing in the top divisions.

We run two teams in the Saturday Bournemouth Football Association Leagues. The first team play in Bournemouth Premier Division under the management of Gareth Davies

The reserve team play in Bournemouth Division 5 and is run by James Taylor.

Both teams play at Wingfields so there’s always a chance that one of them will be at home if anyone wants to come and give some much appreciated support.

Training starts in September and is every Wednesday at 2 Riversmeet between 8:30 and 9:30 for anyone wishing to impress the squad with their footballing skills. All are welcome.

As ever, the football club would like to give a big thank you to everyone involved with the lottery bingo. This is an invaluable revenue stream.

You can follow the teams on the Bournemoth FA website here


Ever fancied playing live Texas NL hold’em then come along to the Club and join our friendly players. We have all ranges of players from experienced to the beginner we also have a number of Lady players. Don’t think just because you don’t know the game you can’t play as we help all newcomers to get to know the game.

The Poker League runs every Wednesday night with registration starting about 7.15pm

The cost is £5.00 per week with the top 3 players all receiving cash prizes.

There is also a Bounty of £5.00 to the person who knocks out the previous weeks winner.

The League run for 13 weeks and points are awarded to players with the top 8 earning more points.

At the end of 13 weeks the top 16 players play for more Cash prizes.

There is now Poker on Mondays for Members of the Club only. See Julia Brolan who will have more information.


Prize amounts are dependent on the numbers playing.
£2:00 per person entry fee. The quiz includes the following rounds:
Play Your Cards Right

Each team has a raffle ticketand the first ticket drawnhas the chance to win £50.

Top Ten

The "Top Ten" question. e.g. Name the last ten England cricket captains. The winning team receives £10

Music Round

A round in which could be questions, or sometimes a bits and pieces round. The winning team receives £10

Mystery Round

A round chosen by "The Quizmaster" which might be pictures, anagrams, slogans etc. The winning team receives £10


Frank Selleck Trophy

Competition held in April played between Mudeford Men's Club and Southbourne Ex-Servicemans Club.

Players play singles and doubles on a home and away basis.

Pussyfoot Pairs

In-House competition held in April/May. The winning pair get tickets to the Pussyfoot Dinner.

Eddie Carr Trophy

In-house competition held in October, but only three red

Xmas Billiards Handicap Competition

In-house competition from September to December.

Xmas Snooker Handicap Competition

In-house singles competition from September to December. One frame.

Xmas Over 60s Competitions

In-house singles and doubles competition over two days in December. One frame.

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